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“We offer Market Research Services that are dedicated, quality driven and relevant.”

As one of the most experienced fieldwork and market research companies, we are known for offering timeliness and relevance in our services. From handling a simple query to offering a complete management strategy solution, we are well adept in offering the most result driven marketing research and analysis services. We comprise all the methods of qualitative and quantitative research services…

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Qualitative Research
We provide non-numerical data concerning the inclinations of your prospects. We also provide powerful tools to scientifically comprehend …
Quantitative Research
With our Quantitative Research benefits, you will be able to quantify the problem with the help of some numerical data that …
Online Surveys
We offer most personalized and result driven online surveys to our clients. Surveys done by us let our clients get in contact with their…
Online Data Collection

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Welcome to “TNB Global Survey” where you will find everything to successfully deliver your research project. We provide qualitative and quantitative fieldwork solutions for top market researchers, planners in ad agencies, management consultants, and research managers in client-side businesses.

We provide a portfolio of fieldwork services including online sampling and surveys, a nationwide interviewing and recruitment service, CAPI surveys, recorded CATI interviewing and car clinic management. Our core capabilities are in the automotive sector, consumer data collection.

Fieldwork Specialists

We have a proven track record delivering respondents, car clinics and quantitative surveys. We have developed systems that allow our clients to instantly access results with audio recordings of the interviews and alerts so they can address any customer concerns as soon as they are raised.

International Leaders

With our vast network of partners agencies throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and beyond, we are capable of conducting numerous research studies around the world simultaneously. Make Indiefield your "one-stop-shop" for international studies and save yourself both time and energy.

Our Purpose

Our Coverage

We offer Market Research Services that are dedicated, quality driven and relevant.

• For Online Studies, we have good Samples for B2B & B2C studies for US, N.A, LATAM, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South-East and Central Asia region countries.
• Our Face-to-Face Projects span sectors and geographies across covering all major cities in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE, KSA, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Rwanda, DRC, Ghana, Senegal, etc. through our experienced freelancing team,
• Our project team specializes in both Qualitative and Quantitative research methodologies and has expertise in various data collection like Online Panel, F2F, CAPI, CAWI, IDI, TDI, FGD, etc.